Carol Alm

Presentation Topics:
Managing Your Career for Success
Most often we believe that managing our career must mean a job change or leaving our company. Not true!
With literally thousands of hours helping individuals define their ‘what’s next’, Carol Ratcliffe Alm has developed a practical approach to career success. The questions become: “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” and “How will I get there?” This strengths based approach emphasizes ownership of managing one’s own career, building on what you do well, and creating clarity toward the successful development of a career path. You will leave with a repeatable model and process for creating your career success.

Near Perfect Performance
Is your performance nearly a ‘10’? Are you working ‘in the zone’? Do you know why or why not?
Acknowledge your strengths and learn how to use them every day. Manage the vampires that destroy your performance. This session creates the platform for knowing the differences between your talents, your skills, your knowledge, your beliefs and your values, and how to put them all to work for a near perfect performance – and defeat the vampires.

Standing in Your True Power
Personal fulfillment does not come from titles, positions, families, achievements or salary. It is already here, within us. In this session, learn about the difference between power and force, the dynamic levels of authenticity, and ways to measure the real truth of what we tell ourselves. Using research, intuitive leadership and kinesiology, this interactive session brings us to a different sense of the source of our authentic power. Learn how to stand in YOUR true power.

Stressed Out? Burned Out
Reading books on work-life balance? From an all too familiar perspective, Carol Ratcliffe Alm has a story to tell about why you are and how to regain your perspective. Drawing on the work of Joan Boryshenko, Brene Brown and others – and her very personal experiences in the corporate realm, Carol offers insights and practical answers for today’s much too busy woman and man with authenticity and humor. To begin to ramp up your motivation, professional successes, energy and happiness, come to learn tools and techniques that can make a difference for you.

Career & Team
The Power of Partnerships
Are your partnerships powerful? In work, play and relationships we all have partnerships. Do you make the most of your partnerships? As a skilled executive coach, Carol Alm brings to light the work of the Gallup Organization with authors Wagner and Muller in The Power of 2. Effective partnerships are our greatest advantage; ineffective partnerships, our worst nightmare. Through the mastery of eight key factors, you can maximize your partnerships toward profitability, well being, and fun. Find out how effective your partnerships are and how you can make the most of them.