Curating Connections Topics

Select from a variety of presentation topics covering key leadership and career development areas of focus

Curating Connections creates the stepping stones for growth and development of your team members through our Leadership Presentations. We bring a professional business or leadership expert to your organization. Our presenters provide invaluable insight, guidance, and advice through onsite presentations. Participants gather to learn, listen, and to share ideas and perspectives.

Visit each category (shown below) to select your roster of presentations. Read all about our incredible line-up of presenters and their in-depth knowledge, experience, and range of topics:

Passion & Purpose: Career Design & Development

Change Management
Leading Your Teams: Managing Organizational Change

Influence & Engagement: Verbal, Nonverbal, & Written Communication

Diversity & Inclusion: Respecting and Leveraging Difference

Power & Persuasion: Leading with Confidence

Personal Goals
Future & Vision: Setting Personal Goals for Success

Collaboration & Connections: The Power of Teams & Teamwork

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