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#MeToo, Now what?
Kathleen Quinn Votaw

This engaging and valuable workshop is based on Kathleen’s article, titled: Valuing Sexuality in the Workplace.  Kathleen believes in women and men leading together, however she realizes that man professionals have a #MeToo story of sexual harassment or misconduct in the workplace. If women and men don’t resolve these issues together, both parties – and their companies – lose out.

Program Designed For:

  • Executive teams and employees who want to learn the tools to collaborate and address, minimize and -ultimately- eliminate the destructive polarity that disrupts workplace peace, safety, and productivity.

The Audience Will Leave With:

  • Understanding of the boundaries around what is innocent flirtation to one and harassment to another.
  • Provide culturally appropriate words and behaviors that inspire workplaces where everyone feels safe.

Learn tools from role-playing showing how to react to inappropriate comments and behavior in a professional setting.

3 Ways to Invest in Female Leadership…with a (Guaranteed) Return
Presenter: Julie Holunga

Fact: women-led companies perform three times better than the S&P 500. Companies with women in more than 10% of key positions showed a 27% higher return on equity than those with less than 5%. It is essential for women in your company to know what to do to take control of their careers in order to occupy the top 10% of key positions. This conversation is for mid-level female leaders striving to achieve the next level of success and for leaders who want to advance their female talent. Participants receive evidence-based insight and action steps to better invest in women.

5 Techniques for Developing Your Leadership Style
Presenter: Tara Powers

You don’t have to be in management to be a leader. Women at any level of an organization can become an effective leader with the right skills and techniques. What every woman needs to know is that leaders behave differently; they exhibit different behavioral styles. With a greater understanding of these behavioral styles you can improve communications and interact more effectively with other people; even those you find most challenging.

Key Learning Takeaways:

  • Different leadership styles and the strengths and challenges of each
  • Identify your style and explore the priorities that drive you
  • Find out what motivates your style at work and what stresses you out
  • Understand how your style may impact others
  • Learn to better understand the people you work with
  • Consider ways to continue developing your leadership style

7 Keys to Greater Personal and Professional Success: Told through My Journey to the Toughest Race in the World
Presenter: Karen Brown

Anything is Possible – Karen Brown is living proof. “I’m nothing special, not talented, had not done anything remarkable in my life. Until, I competed in the Ironman World Championships.” What is an Ironman? It is a 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run, completed in one day. Some say it’s the toughest race in the world; every year 90,000 athletes around the world vie for 2,000 spots, mostly pros. And although Karen was an athlete, she wasn’t a triathlete or a swimmer, and she was pursuing this gargantuan dream at age 44. Every member will relate to Karen’s story of challenges, victories, failures and ultimate success. Karen draws upon her 30+ years in business and her personal story as an athlete to share the keys to personal and professional success. This inspirational and interactive presentation leaves the audience motivated and armed with scientifically proven tools and a road map for success.

Value to Audience

  • Three, five or seven (depending on desired length of presentation) keys to greater personal and professional success
  • Scientifically proven ways to tap into the power of the unconscious mind to achieve goals and dreams, every time.
  • Tips for identifying what’s blocking your success; and techniques to conquer them
  • The keys in this presentation are from Karen’s book, Unlimiting Your Beliefs, 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life. Rated #1 Amazon Hot New Release and Five-Star Rating from Brian Tracy, the most successful business author in the world.

An Irresistible Power – Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool
Presenter: Matthew Taylor

C level management is buzzing with the significance of storytelling. But why?

Since the beginning of time we’ve been telling stories and we’ll continue until the end of time. Story is the cornerstone of our consciousness; it’s in our DNA.

During our time together we will discover the irresistible power of story and how it influences perceptions, connects you with others, moves people to action, and cultivates change agents and great leaders. Matthew teaches you the brain science of storytelling, and how that affects the design of a story suitable for a specific audience and the problem they are trying to solve.
Matthew masterfully curates stories and the art of storytelling for individuals and teams, his compassionate style is steeped in experience having worked with entry-level employees to the C suite. This transformative journey leverages your awareness and offers new ideas and tools to inspire you to tap into the powerful phenomenon that surrounds us all – story.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover why and how stories work
  • Ways to seamlessly incorporate story into your business environment
  • How to identify which story to tell and when
  • Spotting the moment of interest, and how exposition can kill

Tips and tools you can implement immediately to improve your business storytelling

An Undeniable Link Exists Between Leadership and Storytelling
Presenter: Matthew Taylor

What do Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Winston Churchill have in common?

Correct! They’re all great leaders. But, also great storytellers.
Is it luck that great leaders happen to be remarkable storytellers too? I don’t think so.

The most common tread that exists between great leaders, past and present, is simple – an understanding of the irresistible power of story and how to utilize it to connect with people, generate loyal followers, and move people to action.

Leadership has little to do with position and everything to do with behavior. Storytelling is the critical component that, if enhanced, can instantly affect the behavioral performance and success of leaders.

During our time together we will explore what people look for in a leader, and how you can effortlessly illustrate those qualities within you. Combining the ancient wisdom of Aristotle with the insight of modern day thought leaders, participants will gain new awareness, propelling them to think and do differently.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why story and leadership are so interconnected
  • Understand the science and fundamentals of story
  • Know what people look for in a leader
  • Identify which stories to tell and why
  • Learn how to comfortably reveal the real you, and why it’s critical to do so

Tips and tools you can implement immediately to improve your business storytelling

Are You Mentally Tough Enough to Meet Your Goals?
Presenter: Lauren Danielle Simms

The theory of being At Cause is all about taking ownership of what you can control in your life. Your career doesn’t happen to you, but instead it happens as a result of the decisions you make. In this empowering session, I describe how attendees can remain at cause in their career, instead of “at effect”.

Being at Cause in Your Career
Presenter: Chris Castillo

The theory of being At Cause is all about taking ownership of what you can control in your life. Your career doesn’t happen to you, but instead it happens as a result of the decisions you make. In this empowering session, I describe how attendees can remain at cause in their career, instead of “at effect”.

Break the Chain that Restricts Your Courage
Presenter: Sandra Ford Walston

In this one-hour session, learn these interactive outcomes:

  • What behaviors demonstrate courage?
  • What are the obstacles to courage?
  • How to integrate courage consciousness into your life?

Global speaker Sandra Ford Walston is known as “The Courage Expert.” Based in Denver, for over 23 years she has been a human potential specialist who studies courage. She is a certified Newfield Network coach, author of three books, hundreds of articles and trainer. She is a trailblazer in the field of feminine courage, everyday courage and non-gender courageous leadership. She is certified in the Enneagram and the MBTI®. Her clients include GE, Agrium, Inc., QBE, Greenstone, Wide Open West, US Bank and IBM. Sandra says about the Enneagram: “It changed my life—that’s all!” She enjoys golf, skiing, yoga, travel, cooking, meditation, reading, and being an 11th Hour Hospice volunteer.

Building Unshakeable Self-Confidence
Presenter: Bud Bilanich

Participants will learn the keys to building self-confidence:

  • Optimism
  • Positive People
  • Mentors
  • Facing Your Fears and Acting

Specially designed exercises will help participants understand these keys to self-confidence and how to apply them in their lives and careers.

Change the Workplace, Change the World: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Presenter: Renelle Darr

Renelle reviews emotional intelligence (EI), its importance in work and life, and the business case for EI as a threshold competence. Discover how to improve and maintain your own EI so that you can inspire, motivate, and connect with those around you in this engaging and interactive session.

Change Your Mind…Create New Results
Presenter: Beth Wolfson

When we understand how our brain works, we are better able to be the master of our life rather than the servant to unhealthy and unproductive thoughts and feelings.  Learn how to change your mindset from seeing limitations and problems to new possibilities and boundless opportunities.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder
Presenter: Bud Bilanich

Good performance is not enough to create a successful and fulfilling career. Participants in this workshop will learn the four keys to a successful corporate career:

  • Clarity of Purpose and Direction
  • A Sincere Commitment to Your Success
  • Unshakeable Self-Confidence
  • A Set of Critical Career Management Competencies

The ideas in this workshop are based on Dr. Bilanich’ book Climbing the Corporate Ladder.

Coaching Secrets for Women Leaders
Presenter: Tara Powers

With today’s rapid transfer of information and knowledge, collaboration and teamwork are an absolute necessity. Effective teams have a high level of trust, open communication and a confident leader. This talk will show women professionals what to takes to lead and coach a successful team, keep them on track, and manage the special nuances and challenges that women face as the team leader.

Key Learning Takeaways:

  • Key strategies women can use to effectively lead a team
  • Common challenges of women leaders – and how to mange them
  • Tips for building trust and strong communication in the team
  • 5 top obstacles to team success – and how to overcome them

Competencies and Cultural Values
Presenter: Greg Aden

Many organizations either have forgotten the importance of this incredibly powerful bi-annual event or they merely walk through them as a check the box exercise. Greg will demonstrate a unique way of conducting your performance appraisal reviews. He utilizes language that will build character, assist the employees to own their stuff, provide avenues for higher performance while enlightening employees to explore “how do you show up” is crucial to self-development and organization growth and value.
Competencies alone are good; however, many HR professionals miss the crucial connection to cultural values and the company’s bottom line.

Explore the following cultural values and how you can incorporate these into your review process:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Courage
  • Conscientious
  • Devoted/Loyal
  • Flexible/Nimble
  • Humility
  • Fun/Celebratory

Developing a Strategic Vision within Your Workplace
Presenter: Bob Heavers

  • Learn about the six strategic lenses through which most organizations are viewed.
  • Develop a Vision of the very best organization you can imagine.
  • Evaluate your ʺcurrent realityʺ against the ideal Vision to surface ʺtension for change.ʺ
  • Establish key initiatives that will move the team forward.

Diversity at the Top and How it May Improve ROI
Presenter: Michele Ashby

What is emotional intelligence, why should we constantly be developing it, and how do we do it? We’ll explore the elements of emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills as well as how to develop in all of these areas. You’ll conduct a self-evaluation and learn more about the power of team intelligence. You’ll enhance your abilities to be an observing participant, setting the stage to take advantage of your brain and your abilities to develop stronger pathways to success.

Developing Your EQ
Presenter: Holly Green

What is emotional intelligence, why should we constantly be developing it, and how do we do it? We’ll explore the elements of emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills as well as how to develop in all of these areas. You’ll conduct a self-evaluation and learn more about the power of team intelligence. You’ll enhance your abilities to be an observing participant, setting the stage to take advantage of your brain and your abilities to develop stronger pathways to success.

Don’t Take Yourself out of the Race Before it Starts
Presenter: Julie Holunga

Much has changed since the workplaces of the 1950s (think Mad Men) and even the 1980s (Working Girl). Yet there are still challenges women face:

  • They propose a new opportunity and a colleague jumps in and runs with the idea
  • They are given the “office housework” (the tasks which are of no interest)
  • No one hears them, or listens, when they do speak 

This workshop empowers women to take control of their career and stay in the race. Julie focuses on defining a personal brand – who they want to be known as, effective communication, defining and promoting their strengths, and pursuing the right opportunities. Attendees receive five ways to take charge of their careers with intention.

Drop Your Crutches
Presenter: Glenn Bott

Recovery journey from Traumatic Brain Injury, picking up the pieces, reinventing yourself, and moving forward.

Enabling Strategic Agility
Presenter: Holly Green

Are you swift? Can you move fast with focus & flexibility in today’s rapidly changing environment? Have you learned when and how to slow down so you can go fast? And with the almost limitless opportunities surrounding you, do you know what to focus on? It is the greatest paradox of our times. Everything in our world says run! Go fast! But have you ever considered how often you run just to have to do it over? Holly can teach you how and when to slow down so you do it right the first time, getting where you want to go first. It’s not rocket science. It’s harder! What are you waiting for?
In today’s chaotic business climate, strategic agility is your #1 competitive advantage. You will learn and practice how to:

  • Get clear on winning
  • Define, with specificity, what it looks like
  • Determine what you need to do to get there
  • Pause and focus on the right things
  • Move fast with focus and flexibility in rapidly changing markets

This is a hands on session! You will walk away with the insight and drafts you need to complete your strategic framework as well as the guidance and tools for finishing it. You will draft your destination model (your detailed version of success) and get clear on your stakeholders and your value to them.

3 hour to full day working session appropriate at the organizational and/or team levels

Executive Coaching: Support. Suggestions. Strategies. Simplification. Success.
Presenter: Dee Dukehart

These FIVE S’s help define how leadership coaching will assist you when you decide to invest in your professional future.

As your coach, Dee works alongside you and gives you insight and feedback:

  • Understanding the results you want to achieve
  • Planning and organizing your thoughts and results
  • Delving into the message’s interpretation
  • Creating “story” for a memorable and relatable message
  • Clarifying your points for your audience
  • Fine tuning the concrete images of your points

As your support person, Dee guides you through some of the challenges of getting your message across to a varied audience.

The suggestions that she makes are just that, suggestions, from her point of view. As your coach, she assists you in formulating facts into word pictures.

As your presentation and business-strategy coach, Dee brings you fresh strategies that will fine-tune specific outcomes and alleviate several mental roadblocks; therefore, achieve your long-term business goals.

Dee works with you to simplify your presentation organization in order for you to express the results you need and want through your message. Define the “why.”

Your success is her success. She builds your confidence to grow and prosper throughout both your internal and external communities. Presentation skills and business coaching cultivate a more relaxed and rewarding professional world for you, and a more image-related world for all and any audiences.
Dee helps you save time, alleviate any fears, and gain confidence. Your goals are her goals: improve your bottom line and your messages. She wants you to achieve your vision of success.

Exposing Yourself (legally & appropriately of course) to Enhance Your Career
Presenter: Holly Green

Is it important for your career and your success to influence others? …to establish and maintain credibility? Approaches to achieving these outcomes have changed dramatically due to significant shifts in communications, multiple generations at work, and the pace of change we are faced with in today’s world.

This session will use principles of neuroscience to:

  • Help you better understand why and how we think and behave the way we do at work
  • Why others think and behave the way they do at work
  • How you can make your thinking more visible
  • How you can better understand multiple perspectives
  • How you can effectively test your conclusions and assumptions
  • How you can expose the thinking of others to align, engage and move forward together

The session enables participants to better understand some of the instinctual reactions of the brain and provides tools and techniques to visit it more often so that you are engaging and aligning yourself and others more effectively.

1 to 2 hour keynote or session

Additional breakout/workshops include:

  • Over worked, Overwhelmed, Over it – regaining your resilience
  • Developing your EQ
  • A Valid Crystal Ball – hiring the best

Forget IQ. It’s EQ That Matters (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)
Presenter: Tara Powers

Research shows a strong correlation between success at work and a well-developed Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is widely recognized as a key factor in professional—as well as personal—success. Emotional skills are integral to decision making, empathizing with co- workers and friends, communicating vision to staff, overcoming challenging workplace situations, and staying resilient.

Key Learning Takeaways:

  • Discover the key aspects of emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the behaviors and characteristics of emotionally intelligent people
  • Identify areas where they can apply emotional intelligence
  • Evaluate their own emotional strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Generate action steps for improving emotional and social abilities

Fuel for Life: How to Feed Your Mind, Body, and Heart for a More Fulfilling Future

Presenter: Lauren Danielle Simms

Are you healthier now than you were a year ago? Is your energy rising or declining? Is your focus and drive ideal or average? These are the types of questions at the heart of increased absenteeism, sick days, high stress, and lack of employee engagement. A healthier, more engaging workforce needs to know how to feed every part of their life.

Business leader, clinical nutritionist, and fitness professional, Lauren Simms shares the key steps to fueling your body for health and vitality (not from boredom or emotions), boosting mental clarity, improving your mood, and being focused and productive. You will learn how to structure each aspect of your physical, emotional, and mindset health for optimal impact in 2019 and beyond.

“Getting to ‘No’ You”: How to Say “No” When You Need To
Presenter: Dee Dukehart

Are you a “yes” person? It may be good to be the go-to person in your office, community, organization, association, club, etc. and yet…. where does it leave you?

Instead of always saying “yes” to everyone’s requests just so you think they’ll like you or to please everyone, decrease your stress level with a positive “no.”

Dee offers up a frame work for using “no” as a strong communication tool:

  • When you make a snap judgment, and say “yes” right away you give yourself little time to mull over the request, what it entails, how much time it will take, whom you have to confer with, if anyone, and how much of a priority it is.
  • If you do say “no” immediately, explain the reason(s).
  • Forget the “I’ll-try-to-get- it-done” syndrome; finish your top priorities.
  • When “no” is a certain, offer up options that help resolve the situation.
  • Stick to your “no.”

“No” is a powerful though hard word. “No” helps keep you sane, lowers your stress level and gives you self-respect as well as the respect of others.

Growing Your Growth Mindset
Presenter: Chris Castillo

Based on the work of Dr. Carol Dweck, this session is focused on the Growth Mindset and how every attendee can harness its power. Attendees will learn the basics of the growth and fixed mindset, assess where they’re at, and learn the skills necessary to shift. They will leave feeling empowered and open to trying new things.

How I Built a 10,000-Member Team in Three Years

Presenter: Lauren Danielle Simms

Using Personality Types and Leadership Strengths

Are you a lion or an elephant? Are you motivated by recognition or significance? Do you thrive working in groups or independently? Are you an influencer, relationship builder, or strategic thinker?  Your personality influences every part of your life from the moment you wake up, to the first meeting you walk into, until you hop on the final team conference call of the day. Building a thriving team is about recognizing and empowering each personality type with the freedom to express their opinions and strengths.

Lauren Simms shares the exact process she followed for building a 10,000-member team in only three years by using the power of personalities. This message will give you hope, courage, and proven ideas for how to implement the best of ‘you’ for the greater good.

How The ***bleep*** Did I Get Here? A Guide for Lost Mid-Career Professionals to Get Back to Work They Love
Presenter: Meredith Masse

I want you to WANT to go to work every day doing what you do best toward work you find meaningful in a place that appreciates all you bring! In this interactive session we’ll get intentional about starting to answer three critical questions that can help you get back to work you love.

  1. On the job, what’s “your work”: the functions you perform most naturally?
  2. What’s your “why?”: the area(s) in which you are driven to make an impact?
  3. Where do you do your best work: the environment that motivates and inspires you?

Discover the practical framework you can use to answers to these so you can apply this “decision filter” in choosing all the right next steps in your career. Strengths-based career development is about recognizing the unique value that you bring to the job, tapping into your natural talent and making your personal-best contribution to the organization every day.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the functional role you most naturally play based on hard-wired instincts that determine how you solve problems, make decisions and take action
  2. Learn to use the Four Areas of Impact to define your “why” so you know what you’re getting out of bed to accomplish each day
  3. Define the characteristics of the environment that allows you to do you best work

Innovating Every Day: Thinking Differently
Presenter: Holly Green

The biggest threat to your business may not be new technologies, changing markets or unseen competitors. It’s what you think you know and what made you successful to date. In today’s chaotic markets, unlearning has become just as important as learning. Holly will show you how to uncover the “thought bubbles” floating around in your head that keep you stuck in the past. Then she’ll teach you how to get unstuck, replace the old with the new, and stay focused to get the results you want. It’s not easy. It is possible.

An interactive, upbeat approach to incorporating thinking differently into almost everything you do. The session focuses on:

  • Exploring why & how our success gets us stuck and exposing participants’ current decision making and thinking processes
  • Changing our thinking to get clear on what is possible
  • Unlearning tried and true innovation eradicators
  • Practicing innovation techniques including
    • balancing the big picture and the details
    • focusing on a target
    • challenging assumptions
    • changing perspectives
    • questioning the right answer

The session enables participants to see the world in a multitude of ways so that innovation becomes an every day activity – not just something you do when you are brainstorming with a team. Numerous tips and tools will be provided for triggering new thoughts and approaches. Participants walk away with techniques that can be put into practice immediately to achieve desired business results.

Webinar Description:

Innovating Every Day

The biggest threat to your business may not be new technologies, changing markets or unseen competitors. It’s what you think you know and what made you successful to date. In today’s chaotic markets, unlearning has become just as important as learning. What are you still relying on that no longer applies to today’s business world? What is getting in your way because it used to work? Holly will show you how to uncover the “thought bubbles” floating around in your head that keep you stuck in the past. Then she’ll teach you how to get unstuck, replace the old with the new, and stay focused to get the results you want. It’s not easy. It is possible.

An interactive, upbeat approach to incorporating innovation and thinking differently into almost everything you do. The session focuses on:

  • Exploring why & how our success gets us stuck
  • Exposing participants’ current decision making and thinking processes
  • How to ask the right questions to drive results
  • Changing our thinking to get clear on what is possible
  • Unlearning tried and true innovation eradicators
  • Practicing innovation techniques including
    • balancing the big picture and the details
    • focusing on a target
    • challenging assumptions
    • changing perspectives
    • questioning the right answer

The session enables participants to see the world in a multitude of ways so that innovation becomes an every day activity – not just something you do when you are brainstorming with a team. Numerous tips and tools will be provided for triggering new thoughts and approaches. Participants walk away with techniques that can be put into practice immediately to achieve desired business results.


Innovation for Everyone: Using Your Natural Creative Cycles to Live Life by Design
Presenter: Amy Simpkins

You are an innovator. Full stop. No matter your job title, education, or industry, you are an innovator because you are human. All you have to do to implement your ideas at work, build a life you life, and impact your world is tap into your inner innovator. This mind-expanding talk will help you do just that

This program is perfect for:

  • People in any role wishing to increase their impact in the workplace
  • People who want to affect change
  • People who want to live life by design

The audience will leave with:

  • A creative framework that’s easy to adopt because it’s already coded into their DNA
  • The confidence to embrace where they are in the present moment
  • The courage and roadmap to take action in order to implement their ideas and create the changes they want to see.

Format: 45-60 Minute Keynote, available as a webinar

Integrated Vision Crafting for Individuals
Presenter: Amy Simpkins

When it comes to long term sustainability and fulfillment, goals are stupid and vision is where it’s at. But how do you craft a vision that fully encompasses all that you are and all that you hope to be? How do you craft a vision that’s flexible enough to grow and shift right along with you, but strong enough to withstand the unexpected? How do you craft a vision that’s realistic but reflects your big potential? Let’s craft it together!

This program is perfect for:

  • Individual contributors
  • Solopreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to create their life by design

The audience will leave with:

  • Knowing the difference between vision and goals and when to use each.
  • A visual map of their integrated vision
  • An awareness of their own creative spiral and how to practically use it
  • Immediate actions steps to start to implement their vision


Intentional Branding for Career Success
Presenter: Krystal Covington

Create a powerful personal brand that will propel your career forward.

  • Learn strategies for identifying the right brand for your career goals.
  • Develop a plan to express your brand in a way that is authentic and meaningful.
  • Craft a personal program to brand yourself for promotions and new opportunities.

Intuitive Marketing
Presenter: Kami Guildner

Kami will teach you how to awaken your own powerful internal compass – for discovering your true voice, for identifying new growth opportunities and for solving problems. You will learn to market from the Inside Out to attract your ideal clients with a magnetic brand and creative communication strategy. Let go of brand elements that sound like the masses and create a powerful matrix of messages and tools that speaks directly to who you want to serve.

Jump In The Tank
Presenter: Traci Brown

Body Language and Persuasion Expert Traci Brown earned a deal from original Shark, Kevin Harrington. In this dynamic, interactive presentation she reveals what happens when the cameras turned off.

As she takes you through her Shark Tank journey from the initial pitch to infomercial and beyond, you’ll learn the persuasive techniques to get sharks in YOUR life working for you —and keep your deals alive– even when it looks like failure is imminent.

Discover the tools you can immediately apply to achieve results in any area of life.

Immediately Apply the High Performance, Persuasive Mindset so You Can:

  • Uncover secrets hidden in plain sight
  • Captivate and gain agreement in high stakes situations
  • Push through and persevere when the chips are down

Just Getting It Done – Driving Execution
Presenter: Holly Green

Are you incredibly busy? Is everyone in your organization feeling the same? Forget frantic acceleration. Measuring the clock of business is about choosing when to be fast and when to be slow. Distractions have increased, access to data has exploded and the possibility of instant connection looms constantly. These forces have created a belief that speed is more important than just about anything else leading us to behaviors that revolve around Busy-ness: a self-imposed mental model underlying dysfunctional, irrational and illogical behaviors in most areas of our lives.

In this interactive, hands-on session, you’ll learn methods, tips & tools to get the right things done every day.

The session focuses on:

  • Constantly gaining self-awareness and developing an action and decision orientation
  • Creating clarity throughout the organization
    • Determining mission, guiding principles & destination points
    • Establishing and refining priorities
    • Integrating and aligning efforts
  • Staging yourself and your organization for success
    • Focusing on targets
    • Building a breakthrough model
  • Getting conscious on how you split your attention
    • Establishing priorities
    • Clarifying performance goals
    • Giving great feedback
    • Measuring progress
  • Intensifying accountability
    • Your own behaviors
    • Increasing organizational accountability
    • Constantly informing, inspiring and engaging

Leading Self and Others Through Complex Change
Presenter: Renelle Darr

This workshop will empower leaders at your organization take on and manage complexity from a place of radical collaboration and shared purpose. Renelle will provide tools to help you understand yourself in times of change and create effective macro-level organizational change strategies.

Living & Thriving @ The Pace of Change
Presenter: Holly Green

The human brain was not set up to work effectively at the pace we are expected to move today. This causes interesting and sometimes harmful behaviors at work.

Living & Thriving explores:

  • Why parts of the brain are not well suited for today’s hyper-fast world
  • How and why we get caught in inefficient and nonproductive busyness
  • Typical reactions to change and how to navigate through them effectively
  • How we can maintain/rebuild resilience during significant change
  • How to remain focused and energized on achieving desired results

The session provides a self-assessment, development worksheets, and enables participants to better understand how to truly thrive in an environment of constant distraction with many of us operating at a pace that does not align to how and when we are most effective.

Managing Your Career for Success
Presenter: Carol Alm

Most often we believe that managing our career must mean a job change or leaving our company. Not true!

With literally thousands of hours helping individuals define their ‘what’s next’, Carol Ratcliffe Alm has developed a practical approach to career success. The questions become: “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” and “How will I get there?” This strengths-based approach emphasizes ownership of managing one’s own career, building on what you do well, and creating clarity toward the successful development of a career path. You will leave with a repeatable model and process for creating your career success.

Master Coach and Mentor – Valuing Your Emotional Intelligence
Presenter: Lowell Wightman

Individuals who are looking for clarity between their role as a coach and mentor should attend as well as those currently in leadership roles that ask them to be a coach or mentor. Also individuals whose advancement is enriched by assuming a coach or mentor role should attend. Defining the roles of a Master Coach and Mentor sets the foundation for integrating Emotional Intelligence theory into behaviors needed to be effective mentors and coaches.

Participants will be asked to understand the definitions for Master Coach and Mentor as they compare and isolate where the two definitions intersect. In addition participants will discover circumstances when and where the role of coach and mentor may be interchangeable.


  • Define Master Coach and Mentor Roles in a business setting
  • List and discuss the differences between the role of a Master Coach and Mentor
    Define Emotional
  • Intelligence and its relevance to being a coach or mentor
  • Outline how Emotional Intelligence is the adhesive that draws coaching and mentoring roles together.

Maximize Your Pay Through Effective Negotiation
Presenter: Denise Liebetrau

One of the secrets to maximizing your pay and benefits is knowing what you are worth and asking for it. Do you know what to say and when to say it? Do you know how to ask? You need to talk about the value and results you deliver in the context of strategic business goals. You will leave $500k to $1M on the table if you don’t negotiate over the course of your career. Are you ready to learn how to fund your dreams?

    Motivation Matters: Tap Into What’s Important To Drive Results
    Presenter: Sarah Krivel

    For years, business leaders have relied on either the carrot (a raise) or the stick (public ridicule) to motivate. And it’s simply not working. Tap into motivation to inspire the productive performance you desire out of yourself and your team without constantly fighting an uphill battle!

    In this invaluable program, you will learn:

    • The essential elements of tapping into intrinsic motivation
    • How to inspire the behavior you want in your organization and get the best from people
    • How to avoid high turnover, or worse yet, building a toxic business culture
    • How to hire, evaluate and incentivize to reward performance
    • A simple system to uncover what makes individuals “tick”

    Near Perfect Performance
    Presenter: Carol Alm

    Is your performance nearly a ‘10’? Are you working ‘in the zone’? Do you know why or why not?

    Acknowledge your strengths and learn how to use them every day. Manage the vampires that destroy your performance. This session creates the platform for knowing the differences between your talents, your skills, your knowledge, your beliefs and your values, and how to put them all to work for a near perfect performance – and defeat the vampires.

    Oh the Things You Can Thunk!
    Presenter: Holly Green

    A Dr. Seuss inspired look at creativity and the wondrous workings of our brains.

    Whether a child or adult, our ability to imagine is one of the most remarkable aspects of the human brain. We are also illogical, irrational creatures whose brains serve us well and not so well in a thousand ways, especially in the business world. Unfettered thinking is a critical skill for today’s business leaders. And, even though we have the ability to think just about anything imaginable, our brains need prompts to help us use this skill well.

    • What imaginings will help us thrive as individuals and as an organization?
    • When should we use the power of our brains to generate more ideas versus execute on what we already have?
    • How can we engage the brains of others to create new neural connections that contribute to success?

    As the good Dr. said, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” To that I would add, “You’ll steer a lot better and get where you want if you ponder all the things you can thunk!”

    Overachieve without Feeling Overwhelmed
    Presenter: Bob Heavers

    • Be clear about your priorities
    • Stay organized with fewer tools
    • Plan great days before they begin
    • Manage interruptions productively
    • Eliminate “phone tag“

    Overworked? Overwhelmed? Over It? – Regaining Your Resilience

    Presenter: Holly Green

    We’re all stressed these days. The world moves increasingly faster, more data than ever is in front of us, and we’re not set up as creatures to manage it well. This session focuses on how to minimize and leverage the stress of everyday work so that we are more effective and more relaxed. Stress can help us in many ways, if we know what is causing it, how much is too much, and what do about it. We’ll explore and uncover how we can develop our emotional intelligence to increase our resilience and tolerance. You’ll learn and practice prompting your brains to focus on what you want and constantly move closer to the results you desire.

    Webinar Description:

    Overworked?  Overwhelmed?  Over it?  Understanding, Embracing & Managing Stress

    We’re all stressed these days.  The world moves increasingly faster, more data than ever is in front of us, and we’re not set up as creatures to manage it well. 

    This session focuses on how to minimize and leverage the stress of everyday work so that we are more effective and more relaxed.  Stress can help us in many ways, if we know what is causing it, how much is too much and what do about it?  We’ll explore how we can develop our emotional intelligence to increase our resilience and tolerance.

    Own the Room

    Presenter: Amy Reczek

    We all know Social Capital is a must, but most of us dread conferences and networking events.  Walking in we run to grab a drink and find the food then try to find someone we know and worry about what we are going to say.  You are not alone!  Let’s change this.  This presentation focuses on three sections: Anxiety around the start of an event, what to say and how to say it, presence-how are you showing up.   This can be stand alone or put on an hour before a company event or the standing monthly networking event that Sales and Presence puts on.

    People Skills and the Art of Managing Highly Productive Relationships
    Presenter: Bob Heavers

    Enrich your life … Live and work more successfully by treating others the way they want to be treated.  Discover the four Social Styles and the key characteristics that lead to understanding yourself and others better.  Inspire others and take the mystery out of stressful relationships by turning them into relationship assets.

    Play the Part, Get the Role
    Presenter: Julie Holunga

    A study of Fortune 500 female managers found that more than 50% of the women surveyed reported “they felt outnumbered and have difficulty reading the room, were uncomfortable with conflict, and had trouble articulating their views was due to timing rather than emotions.” In today’s fast-paced work environment, the language women use can be a key factor in the impact and influence created with colleagues and clients.

    This workshop helps women learn when and how to speak up, how to decipher weak vs. strong language, identify strengths to build confidence, take control of their career, and drive their personal image toward the future.

    Positive Mindset. Positive Behaviors. Positive Results.
    Presenter: Heather Younger

    This presentation is meant to inspire audiences to think differently about adversity, or what was previously thought of as barriers to success. Heather walks the attendees through a verifiable case study of overcoming adversity. She guides those present to move out of their own way, creating break through thinking and helping to transform mindset and results.

    Practice Development: Define Work Culture for the iY Generation
    Presenter: Lowell Wightman

    Those routinely involved in client acquisition and development by using data unique to measuring what drives you, we will align these characteristics with practice development strategies. You will discover how to blend both real and virtual resources into your practice development strategies.


    • Align yourself with the needs of a current or prospective client relationship.
    • Recognize when and how to deliver a real or virtual handshake effectively
    • Recognize environmental conditions that promote or diminish relationship development
    • Evaluate 16 human desires unique to just you


    • Use six steps for developing and maintaining a mindful client relationship
    • Apply the best methods for initiating a handshake, real and virtual
    • Recognize how the environment influences a current or prospect relationship
    • Recognize how his/her intentions impact a current or prospect relationship

    Presentation Tools and Techniques for Your Success
    Presenter: Dee Dukehart

    How do you feel when you have to give a presentation? Every professional at one – or multiple times – in his/her career has to give a presentation whether it’s to a Board of Directors, staff, conference, meeting, or potential clients/prospects. What you say is important and it’s also how you say it that sticks with your audiences.

    Dee gives you invaluable tools, tips and insights that help you plan and organize your presentations, plus educate, enlighten and engage any audience. Learn how stories impact your message, magnify your points, and stick with your audience.

    Understand how your non-verbal language also complements your message:

    • Voice inflection
    • Body movements
    • Facial expressions
    • Posture

    Real Leadership is Courageous: How to Discover Your Courage!
    Presenter: Sandra Ford Walston

    In this program participants will acquire an awareness that supports them to recognize situations when courageous leadership skills are called for such as when exploring innovation, transitioning to a new position, transcending rejection or taking initiative to face the first red flag lined with ambiguity. Aristotle said, “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others possible.” He was right! Courage is the primary driver of any leadership action such as finding new solutions during times of uncertainty and thinking differently to challenge the status quo. Based on over 23 years of original courage research that yielded three books, participants will assess their courage reservoir level:

    Learning Objectives:

    • Do you know how courage “happens” or where it comes from?
    • Are you able to identify your everyday leadership actions as courageous and state the benefits?

    Removing the Hidden Barriers to Your Success – It’s Not What You Think!
    Presenter: Karen Brown

    This presentation is geared toward C-suite and top-level leaders, who are motivated to find new and better ways of doing things. Audience members will learn the difference between conscious and unconscious mind, the vast power of tapping into the unconscious mind that top performers use, and the opportunity to resolve the “blind spots” within it, which ultimately block higher levels of success.

    Value to audience:

    • Audience members learn how the unconscious mind drives all learning, behavior and change
    • Awareness of “blind spots” that are hidden barriers to success and techniques to resolve them
    • Leadership take-a-ways: Called Unconscious Mind Keys, audience members come away with powerful tools to achieve greater results themselves and impact those they work with.

    Selling through Your Presence
    Presenter: Amy Reczek

    You have your pitch and your product down.  What about your presence?  Someone’s impression of you is subconsciously decided within the first few seconds of seeing you.  This includes deciding if they will do business with you or not.  Let’s close the deal a bit differently than most and create a client for life.  Leading authentically with presence, tweaking the pitch to present solutions, then showing the product will increase sales and create relationships.

    Shoot the Moon
    Kathleen Quinn Votaw

    Featuring perspective, inspiration and motivation from a peer CEO who understands the daily challenges executives must face.

    Standing in Your True Power
    Presenter: Carol Alm

    Personal fulfillment does not come from titles, positions, families, achievements or salary. It is already here, within us. In this session, learn about the difference between power and force, the dynamic levels of authenticity, and ways to measure the real truth of what we tell ourselves. Using research, intuitive leadership and kinesiology, this interactive session brings us to a different sense of the source of our authentic power. Learn how to stand in YOUR true power.

    Story Telling is What Brings Authenticity to Leadership
    Presenter: Kathy Lawless

    Sharing stories, real, meaningful, and impactful stories, builds trust, confidence and connections. Most people are more open to hearing stories that are relevant to what they are going through then listening to advice about what they should do. Hearing someone else’s real life experience (aka story) about what worked or didn’t work is far more useful then hearing what someone else thinks you should do. Someone who may never have gone through what you’re going through or even tried their own advice.

    Learn how powerful and inspiring your stories can be. When they are most impactful and which ones seem to connect the most (you might be surprised!).

    This session is based on Kathy’s experience over two decades as a leader in corporate, non-profit and consulting roles. She shares stories that impacted her career, decision making and various ah ha moments, while infusing learnings from Dr. Brene Brown, research professor, author and speaker on vulnerability, and Patrick Lencioni, author and speaker on overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

    Valuable Take Aways:

    • Why story telling makes you more authentic as a leader
    • How and when to tell your stories
    • Which stories are most impactful
    • Techniques for using story telling to build trust within your teams and relationships

    Stressed Out? Burned Out?
    Presenter: Carol Alm

    Reading books on work-life balance? From an all too familiar perspective, Carol Ratcliffe Alm has a story to tell about why you are and how to regain your perspective. Drawing on the work of Joan Boryshenko, Brené Brown and others – and her very personal experiences in the corporate realm, Carol offers insights and practical answers for today’s much too busy woman and man with authenticity and humor. To begin to ramp up your motivation, professional successes, energy and happiness, come to learn tools and techniques that can make a difference for you.

    Take the Bully By the Horns (and Never Be Bullied Again)
    Presenter: Lori Bachman

    Are you dealing with someone who delights in making your life difficult? Do you have to “talk on eggshells” around this person because you never know what might trigger a tirade? Do you have a co-worker who cuts you down to size and then claims they were “just kidding?”

    Are you happier when you’re NOT around this person?

    Welcome to the bully club. Bullies are people who abuse the rights of others in order to control the situation and the individual(s) involved. Sound familiar? Lori promises to share realistic (vs. idealistic) suggestions on what you can do if a workplace bully has targeted you. If you’re dealing with a controller or manipulator, it doesn’t help to hear a platitude saying you should assert yourself. You want to know, “HOW can I assert myself? WHAT exactly can I say? What if that’s thrown back in my face?”

    In Take the Bully by the Horns you will learn how to:

    • “Do The You” and hold bullies accountable for dark remarks
    • Put all kidding aside (and cease the tease once and for all)
    • Act on (vs. act out) your anger so you don’t suffer in silence
    • Be positively intolerant and adopt a “Don’t you dare” attitude
    • Refuse to play the blame-shame game or buy tickets for guilt trips

    Lori shares specific “Samurai Strategies” you can use to banish the bully in your life or at least minimize their damage. You’ll learn how to convince that bully (whether it’s a boss, co-worker, customer, or stranger) to cease and desist.

    Lori offers either a one-hour presentation or a two-hour interactive workshop.


    The 4 Keys to Influence
    Presenter: Krystal Covington

    Increase your influence and credibility to become more powerful, successful and impactful.

    • Learn tools for projecting a strong presence that reflects greater leadership and attracts higher level business opportunities.
    • Build your credibility by creating a strategy to become known as an authority in your field.
    • Create a trusted reputation as a business professional, leader and employee.

    The Art of Conscious Communication: A Talent for a Technical Age
    Presenter: Audrey Nelson

    There is a direct correlation between how you communicate and your overall success both at work and home! You cannot not communicate; everything you say or do sends a message. Today’s technology such as email, Twitter, and the Internet has made communication faster and more accessible.

    Telecommunication is a misnomer; we’ve lost the human moment. Additionally, most of us operate on automatic in the first five seconds: There is no dress rehearsal for a first impression!  Additionally, our everyday face-to-face communication. This highly interactive program brings communication into consciousness and supplies tools to help you send the message you want.

    • Making Time for Face Time: The evil Twins and Social Media.
    • Understand the P.O.W.E.R. model for listening.
    • Shut-Up School: Why Listening is the Most Critical Communication Skill.
    • Reach Out and Touch Someone: The Critical Role of Empathy in Communication.
    • The Split Ear Advantage: The Gender Component.
    • He Speaks, She Speaks: The Underpinnings of Gender Communication.
    • I Think You Said: Why We Paraphrase -to Get it Right!
    • It’s What You Don’t Say That Means A Lot: Nonverbal Considerations.

    The Art of Negotiation
    Presenter: Kim Curtis

    Women are some of the greatest bargain hunters of all time—especially when it comes to using coupons. However, absent a coupon, they often settle without even trying to improve the deal. Men negotiate better starting salaries, time off, car deals, executive packages, perks when switching to a new job, moving allowances and more. Men ask. Women don’t. Men counter- proposes. Women take the offer. Even with smaller negotiations regarding social plans, household priorities, and sharing what they really want, they struggle.

    The Best Career Advice You’ve Never Heard
    Presenter: Denise Liebetrau

    Are you feeling stuck in your career?  Do you long to hear something different that will make you look forward to going to work?  Join us for a unique conversation about your career and how to get unstuck.  The secret is in the career advice you have never heard before.  Are you ready to hear some new ways to think about your success?

    The Brand of You: Igniting Your Presence, Purpose, and Profile as a Thought Leader
    Presenter: Kami Guildner

    How are you playing small? Kami will help you connect to your personal and professional brand and give you a roadmap for showing up in the world. You’ll leave behind the self-doubts and open up to the wonder of who you are at your best and how you want to matter. She’ll give you real world tips on how to play a bigger game and up-level what you’re putting out into the world, so you are seen, heard and making an impact leading the change you desire.

    The Call of the Wild: Awakening Your Pack Leader DNA
    Presenter: Lori Hanson

    What does it take to be comfortable in your own skin and be a successful female leader? Examples are plentiful of what not to do, being overly competitive, wearing your insecurities on your sleeve and being too emotional. This inspirational and fun keynote explores what it takes to be a successful alpha female and lead your pack with confidence and courage.

    Your audience will learn:

    • Myths about strong female leaders
    • Why taking cues from nature breads authentic leadership
    • 3 Tools for dealing with Bitches in Business

    The Career Path
    Presenter: Kim Carver

    The career path isn’t always straight forward and learning how to navigate it takes some practice. Learn how to put your career on the path you have always wanted and how to adjust when your life and goals change.

    The Changing Art of Women in Leadership
    Presenter: Kami Guildner

    Women have been shapeshifting who they are in leadership roles for years to fit into a man’s world. Times are changing. A new leadership paradigm is unfolding making way for leaders to embrace and embody a more graceful, heart-based, wisdom infused way of leading. Leadership guided by seeing, feeling and connection. The world is ready. Kami will show you how to unleash the feminine leader in you, so you can shape the companies and cultures of leading. Leadership guided by seeing, feeling and connection. The world is ready. Kami will show you how to unleash the feminine leader in you, so you shape the cultures and companies of our future.

    The Fine Art of Building Business Relationships and Expanding Networks for Leaders and Emerging Leaders
    Presenter: Debra Fine

    “A desk is a dangerous place to view the world” John le Carré Author

    Join Debra Fine for her informative, entertaining and interactive: The Fine Art of Building Business Relationships. Leaders learn the technical skills required for career success, often overlooking the importance of conversation and rapport building skills. The ability to talk easily with anyone is a learned skill, not a personality trait. Acquiring it will help develop rapport within organizations, raise visibility and create liaisons with the community at large and leaving a positive impression that lasts longer than an exchange of business cards. In the competitive world of business more emphasis is placed on developing personal business relationships than has been expected in the past. The leader who avoids opportunities to meet new people or whose conversation is frozen by these meetings will limit themselves professionally as well as personally.

    Keynote program or training workshop attendees will gain the tools to:

    • Strike up conversations and keep them going
    • Master introductions and remember names
    • Come across as composed and self-assured when talking to people or entertaining clients at conventions, trade shows and other work related functions
    • Develop rapport with stake holders.
    • Become an “active” listener
    • Overcome communication barriers
    • Handle awkward situations
    • Come up with topics to discuss
    • Avoid conversation “killers”
    • Prepare for successful conversation
    • Exit conversations with grace
    • Feel more at ease at award receptions, banquets, receptions and networking events

    The Fine Art of Cultivating Community
    Presenter: Debra Fine

    Join former engineer, now nationally recognized keynote speaker and bestselling author Debra Fine for her fast paced, informative and entertaining program. Together we’ll laugh, learn and leave with the tools to develop and cultivate outstanding conversation skills and business networking techniques that will result in meeting new people, building relationships, and increasing visibility. Learn how to turn every conversation into an opportunity for success.

    The Guiding Write – How to Direct and Navigate Your Readers Every Time
    Presenter: Dee Dukehart

    Writing is still an art. With the invasion of e-mails, Twitter and text messages, writing complete, comprehensive, concrete and clear sentences make your points stand out above your competition.

    Dee highlights back-to-basics tools on writing sentences that both your internal and external readers understand and gain from your information. Good grammar, punctuation and syntax are your guides to getting your readers to appreciate your information in both business and technical writing. Save time, save money and boost your bottom line with well-written and well-received written documents from e-mails to proposals, from memos to newsletters, or from instructional documents to cover letters: good writing is your readers’ and your best friend.

    The Key to Career Success is Understanding Your Company’s Incentives
    Presenter: Denise Liebetrau

    How does your employer define success? Incentives provide insight into the strategic, financial, and business metrics that matter most and help you understand the company’s culture. Learn how to interpret a company’s reward programs so you know how to prioritize your work, what will be valued, and improve your chances for a promotion. You will also learn how to use the languages of business to communicate your results to enhance your reputation as a high performer and leader.

    The Passion Accelerator: How to Fuel Your Appetite to Be, Do and Create Anything You Love
    Presenter: Lori Hanson

    Do you love your life, your career, what you’ve accomplished so far? Is there an emptiness, or burning desire inside you that begs to be acknowledged? A “full” life is one connected with what fires you up, it brings you joy, happiness and the ability to share and serve others with what you’re truly passionate about. This keynote will challenge and inspire your
    audience to take immediate action.

    Your audience will learn:

    • The top five benefits of living a passion-fueled life
    • Why engaging your passion is more important than “settling” for a job, career or relationship that doesn’t serve you
    • How to put your Passion Accelerator to work right now

    The Power of Mentoring to Create Diversity and Inclusion
    Presenter: Lori Bachman

    Look around your workplace. Does everyone look and act the same? Do those climbing up the corporate ladder have to “fit the mold?”

     Or… is your workplace a beautiful array of color, talent, and imaginative skill sets?

     If not, it’s time to mentor intentionally. You can be part of losing those glass ceilings and invisible barriers that still exist in many organizations.

    Diversity training is often not enough. Employees leave those sessions knowing more about diversity, but lacking tools to create a more intriguing culture. Lori Bachman uses principles from her MentorShift process to help you and your team:

    • Mine talent you might not have been aware of before
    • Create effective one-to-one mentoring relationships with individuals you’ve never imagined
    • Talk about the “real stuff”
    • Grow diversity from within
    • Sustain that diversity through “mentoring that multiplies”

    The Power of Language: Creating Action through Words
    Presenter: Sandra Ford Walston

    When we communicate effectively, listening as well as speaking, we can intervene in and reshape the world in which we live. Language determines the way you think, act and interact with those around you. Critical to effective communication is to understand the use of linguistics and how the words that we use create our reality, and how those words enhance the welfare of everyone you contact. Words are also a means to get people to do things for us, endear ourselves to people, make people like us, buy our services, or countless other motivations that reap both positive and negative results. Wouldn’t you like to refine your communication finesse by learning how your words create your reality, and how certain words (“acts”) move people to action? This program is based on being a Newfield certified coach for over 23 years.

    Learning Objectives:

    • How do you become an “observer” of your language skills to gain clarity and objectivity?
    • Why is it critical to insert the 5 linguistic speech acts to command action while speaking?

    The Power of Partnerships
    Presenter: Carol Alm

    Are your partnerships powerful? In work, play and relationships we all have partnerships. Do you make the most of your partnerships? As a skilled executive coach, Carol Alm brings to light the work of the Gallup Organization with authors Wagner and Muller in The Power of 2. Effective partnerships are our greatest advantage; ineffective partnerships, our worst nightmare. Through the mastery of eight key factors, you can maximize your partnerships toward profitability, well-being, and fun. Find out how effective your partnerships are and how you can make the most of them.

    The Presentation Transformation
    Presenter: Jeannie Clinkenbeard

    The art and science of exceptional presentation design

    Do you struggle with how to present data and information in a way that influences your team, your clients, and your senior leaders?  Not confident giving project updates or client proposals?

    You don’t have to be a natural born presenter to deliver a compelling presentation.  At the heart of every great presentation is exceptional design.  And you can learn exceptional design!   I’ll share a simple method that’s repeatable and audience – centric. You’ll drastically shorten the time it takes you to design your presentations, AND it focuses on what your audience needs to hear.

     In our time together, you’ll get a presentation planner and hands-on practice as you: 

    • FOCUS on a small # of BIG ideas
    • GIVE your audience what they need to take the action you want them to take
    • CREATE an outline in half the time

     Those who master communicating through presentations rise faster than their peers, reach more customers than their competitors, and turn ideas into groundswells. Become one of them!

    The Secret to Job Security
    Presenter: Denise Liebetrau

    Are you afraid your name will be on the next layoff list?  The days of being employed by one employer for most of your career are gone. We are all entrepreneurs now. Do you know the pain points you solve? Do you know the employers that need the results you can deliver? The secret to job security is that you build it for yourself. Learn how to use a personal marketing plan to communicate your accomplishments to the right audience. Discover your strengths, align to your values, and find your passion. Leave with an action plan that gives you peace of mind and confidence.

    The Universe Says Yes
    Presenter: Glenn Bott

    Traumatic Brain Injury recovery focusing more on how the Universe works and that we’re all creators.  What is true for another isn’t necessarily your truth.  We are constantly creating based upon our predominant thoughts/feeling but most behave on auto-pilot and don’t realize they’re creating the same-o; same-o by doing this.

    Time Management: How Preferences Affect the Way You Work
    Presenter: Sandra Ford Walston

    In this program participants will gain awareness and skills about their innate approach to one of the two time management preferences. These skills include how their approach to time management and the lens they use affects the way they do their work, how they connect with peers and clients, and how this knowledge improves productivity and diminishes frustrations. In this fun and interactive program, these discerning skill sets can be applied the next day (this is not a Franklin Covey class)

    Learning Objectives:

    • What’s the significance to identify the two distinct time management preferences that are worlds apart in their approaches?
    • How do specific workplace time management scenarios affect morale, team effectiveness and efficiency?

    Time Mastery: Productivity Simplified For Your Work & Your Life
    Presenter: Sarah Krivel

    You may often find yourself rushing between commitments, struggling to stay afloat and keep it all together. Do you have multiple calendars and to-do lists? Get more of the right stuff done without losing your sanity…and take a break!

    In this interactive program, you will learn:

    • The essential components of time and self management
    • How to avoid burnout, or worse yet, disappointing others
    • How to manage distractions and maintain focus on what matters
    • How to increase efficiency day-to-day with recurring tasks
    • A simple system to make the most of your use of time and reach your goals

    Tongue Fu® — Get Along Better with Just About Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
    Presenter: Lori Bachman

    If you’ve ever been tongue-tied — or given a tongue-lashing (and regretted it), Tongue Fu® offers constructive alternatives that turn hostility into harmony and help you avoid a mental breakdown in the face of aggression.

    With straightforward strategies and proven techniques, Lori Bachman teaches the Tongue Fu® tools that examine almost every kind of verbal conflict — from fights with your co-worker, complaints from a customer, bullying by your boss (or a stalemate with your kids!) — and shows how to use martial arts for the mind and mouth to deflect attacks, disarm disputes, and defuse any explosive situation.

    With Tongue Fu® you will learn:

    • words to use (and words to lose) in tense situations
    • the power of the phrase, “You’re right”
    • what to do when people push your “hot buttons”
    • how to handle a verbal bully who enjoys blaming and shaming
    • how to use silence to your advantage

    Lori offers either a one-hour presentation format or a two-hour interactive workshop.

    Using Your Brain to Win in Today’s Hyper-Paced World
    Presenter: Holly Green

    Your brain is your most powerful competitive weapon –if you know how to use it properly. The brain can process large amounts of information. It has a real talent for forming patterns and connections. And it loves to answer questions and solve problems. It also has a tendency to see what it expects to see, overlook data that contradicts its prevailing view of the world, and have greater confidence in its decision-making abilities than it should. In order to become more effective leaders, we need a much deeper understanding of how our brain works and how it often gets in the way of winning.
    Leveraging the latest in neuroscience, in this session, you’ll get tools, techniques and tips for learning how to:

    • Avoid getting blinded by your own data and make better, more informed management decisions
    • Slow down to go fast
    • Get and stay clear on winning
    • Stage your field of vision
    • Question the right answer and explore the second best answer
    • Use your brain to win every day

    You’ll practice playing with your brain and walk away with practices you can immediately put to use to be even more successful!
    Variations of Using Your Brain to Win
    [available as keynotes and breakout/workshop sessions]
    Using Your Brain to Sell
    Using Your Brain to Connect with Customers and Serve More Effectively
    Using Your Brain to Lead Others
    Using Your Brain to Give Feedback
    Using Your Brain to Inform, Inspire & Engage your Organization

    Watch Your Language! Words that are Cannibalizing Your Career
    Presenter: Julie Holunga

    Companies with at least 30% women in leadership are more likely to be in the top 20% of financial performance. Women face issues that prevent their acceleration to senior roles:

    • Low confidence resulting in lack of drive to pursue opportunities
    • They are not heard among the noise, so they can’t gain the necessary experience
    • They feel as though the success of their careers is controlled by others
    • They aren’t seen as a leader, and therefore, not considered for growth opportunities

    Julie shares her own experiences and those of women in leadership to demonstrate why women must take their career into their own hands. Participants identify key obstacles and determine what actions will hep them achieve success their way.

    Well…? How Did I Get Here?
    Presenter: Kim Carver

    Practical tips and tricks from a woman who has lived in 4 countries and been a CEO of several recognized brands.

    What It’s Like Being in the Boardroom and How to Get on One
    Presenter: Michele Ashby

    Recommended Primairly for Women Audiences:

    There is a lot of talk these days about getting more women on boards, but what is it really like in the boardroom when you are the only woman?  Or the second woman on the board? Or the third?

    The relative articles and conversations bring up a lot of questions and many of them will be addressed in this presentation.

    Here are just a few of the most popular questions I am asked:

    • Should I take a board position if I am going to be the “token” woman?
    • Is it tough to be taken seriously?
    • How would I fit in and how do I get my own voice heard?
    • What is the responsibility of a board member?
    • How much do they pay?
    • How much risk is there when you are on a board?
    • How do I get on a board?

    Every presentation on this topic will be customized for the group and will also include audience participation.  Every participant will come away knowing more about boards and more about their own affinity to be on a board or not.

    What Motivates Me
    Presenter: Beth Wolfson

    Discover the key factors of those who are happiest and most energized at work.  Learn tested methods to identify and align your key motivators and drivers with the work you do and help others do the same.

    Why Do They Do That: Understanding Human Behavior
    Presenter: Victoria Gaulrapp

    In order for businesses to thrive in today’s economy, they have to be productive, efficient, and employ the best people to get the job done. While having best-in-class products, technology and services are key components to making this happen, how we communicate with our internal and external teams as well as our customers and clients is crucial to drive business forward.

    In Why Do They Do That: Understanding Human Behavior Using DISC we will take a deep dive into the DISC model of behavior to understand what it really is, what each style means and what each style is perceived to be. We will review strategies you can implement when working with others to ensure effective communication occurs, preventing conflict and promoting greater productivity. Understanding this model will also provide greater insight into how we currently behave, and how to carry those behaviors over into our everyday work lives or adjust them to guarantee we are presenting our best at all times.

    After our time together you will be able to understand your DISC style and recognize the different styles in others, develop a keen awareness of individual strengths and development opportunities, and communicate effectively with others to foster productivity and reduce tension.

    Why “Can’t” Is a Four-Letter Word
    Presenter: Lauren Danielle Simms

    Lauren has a proven track record of creating healthy rebellion against roadblocks and glass ceilings of potential. The only reason you can’t succeed is if you don’t believe you can. The biggest question you need to answer is “Why can’t I?” Lauren not only encourages your full potential, but actually guides you through breaking through self-limitations. She reminds you of the Little Engine That Could … “I think I can… I think I can … I think I can …” and then YOU can!

    Why Women Need Mentors at Work (And How to Find One)
    Presenter: Meredith Masse

    A good mentor can steer you to professional success. But according to a survey by LinkedIn, nearly 1 out of 5 women say they’ve never had a mentor at work. The practical ideas in this high-energy session will give professional women the case and benefits of finding and working with a mentor as well as the four steps to being absolutely intentional about engaging with not just a mentor, but the right mentor for you.

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the business case for why women benefit from mentors to support their career growth
    • Learn to think about the critical characteristics of the RIGHT mentor for you based on more than experience alone
    • Leave with the beginning of a plan for identifying mentors that can guide you to wild success

    Women on Corporate Boards
    Presenter: Michele Ashby

    Recommended primarily for women audiences:

    Have you ever wondered if you could get on a paying corporate board? Now more than ever, companies are looking for qualified women to put on their boards. The percentage of women on public boards is still under 20% and has stalled out there over the past few years. Michele Ashby, founder of Ashby Consulting Enterprises, works to educate women about corporate boards and how to get on them.

    No matter where you are in your career today, if you want to learn more about what it takes to get on a board, how much you can earn in this high-powered, part-time position and make a difference, join Michele as she shares her knowledge and expertise on how to be on a board.

    Women United in Courage
    Presenter: Sandra Ford Walston

    In this interactive program, women attendees at all levels will learn to recognize situations when courageous leadership actions are called for such as when stepping up to ask tough questions, confronting gossip, transcending rejection, asking for the long overdue raise, taking initiative to face the hard facts, and how to draw on this dormant virtue to find new solutions during times of self-doubt and uncertainty. In this interactive session based on over 23 years of original feminine courage research that yielded two books, including bestseller COURAGE The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue (endorsed by Marianne Williamson), the attendees will integrate a three-step process for integrating courage in their professional and personal lives.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Expose why only 11% of women perceive themselves as courageous.
    • Discover the actions the courageous 11% of women have in common.
    • Utilize the “Source Wheel” diagram to identify the 12 behaviors of courage.

    Writing Effective E-mails
    Presenter: Dee Dukehart

    How many e-mails did you receive today? How many did you have an opportunity to read and respond to? Did you understand what your writers were saying or asking? Did your readers understand your e-mail?

    E-mail is a major way we communicate. Dee gives you tools and tips on the importance of your subject line and how often to change it.  She’ll cite the importance of when to send and when not to send an e-mail. (Telephones work too.)  She’ll also impress upon you the importance of good grammar, punctuation and syntax.

    E-mails can be overwhelming; gain insight to Dee’s Six Flow tools to manage your inbox. This fast-paced and information-driven workshop is full of tools and techniques you can implement immediately for better and more comprehensive e-mails, no matter who reads them.

    When you write clearly, conversationally and concretely your readers gain the information you want them to and they are able to respond in kind. This valuable tool is a win/win. Write for the reader: give them what they need in a comprehensive and professional style.