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Developing Emerging Leaders Through the Basics of Learning

Reading, Listening, and Sharing Within a Supportive Community.

Three Leadership Development Offerings to Choose from…

Author Perspectives

Knowledge Through Reading

Meet and learn from leading book authors of current business and leadership topics at your organization

Leadership Presentations

Compassion Through Listening

Create a stepping stone path to growth and development of your team members through Leadership Presentations

Career Spotlight Series

Understanding Through Sharing

Own your own career growth and development through small group learning in an invigorating environment.

“Using Curating Connections to select a speaker for our women’s leadership event was simple, easy and fast. Curating Connections has a vast variety of speakers, authors and leaders to choose from. Based on our audience feedback, the speaker we selected, she was the best speaker we have ever had present at our leadership events. Curating Connections connects you with your speaker, confirms possible dates, and helps coordinate all the logistics and details. I would highly recommend them, for your next leadership event.”

Lisa Rady, Senior Manager of PMO at Oracle, Corp.

Career Spotlight Series

Add career and leadership experience and proactive development to your resume by attending Curating Connections Leadership Events. Register now and attend one, two or all three of the 2019 Career Spotlight Series presentations.

Read more about the speakers, their topics and the exciting location of the presentations at the all new Rise Collaborative Workspace in Denver.

April 16
The 4 Keys to Influence
Krystal Covington

July 17
Lead Yourself 1st
Denise Liebetrau

October 15
Fostering Individual Creativity
Amy Simpkins

What is Curating Connections?

An alternative resource to traditional leadership development

What does Curating Connections do?

It helps create:

  • A pipeline of leaders
  • Diverse thinkers
  • Thought leaders
Why work with Curating Connections?
  • Gain access to leadership experts
  • Develop future leaders
Who benefits from Curating Connections and why?


  • Retain and attract good talent


  • Develop needed skills to move forward in their leadership journey
  • Learn from the best leadership development talent