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7 Keys to Greater Personal and Professional Success: Told through My Journey to the Toughest Race in the World
Presenter: Karen Brown

Anything is Possible – Karen Brown is living proof. “I’m nothing special, not talented, had not done anything remarkable in my life. Until, I competed in the Ironman World Championships.” What is an Ironman? It is a 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run, completed in one day. Some say it’s the toughest race in the world; every year 90,000 athletes around the world vie for 2,000 spots, mostly pros. And although Karen was an athlete, she wasn’t a triathlete or a swimmer, and she was pursuing this gargantuan dream at age 44. Every member will relate to Karen’s story of challenges, victories, failures and ultimate success. Karen draws upon her 30+ years in business and her personal story as an athlete to share the keys to personal and professional success. This inspirational and interactive presentation leaves the audience motivated and armed with scientifically proven tools and a road map for success.

Value to Audience

  • Three, five or seven (depending on desired length of presentation) keys to greater personal and professional success
  • Scientifically proven ways to tap into the power of the unconscious mind to achieve goals and dreams, every time.
  • Tips for identifying what’s blocking your success; and techniques to conquer them
  • The keys in this presentation are from Karen’s book, Unlimiting Your Beliefs, 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life. Rated #1 Amazon Hot New Release and Five-Star Rating from Brian Tracy, the most successful business author in the world.

ANYTHING is possible: Once you upgrade your operating system
Presenter: Lori Hanson

Are you living by the same principles and beliefs you were taught as a child? Early programming can weigh you down and make it feel impossible to reach your dreams. Get the inspiration and tools you need to shift your life and mindset to achieve anything you want. When you believe—anything is possible.

B.A.L.A.N.C.E. – Find out Where it is for ME
Presenter: Lori Hanson

Aretha was great at asking for r.e.s.p.e.c.t. But women may find themselves asking for balance–just a little, which can be the difference in leading a healthy, content life. Women often excel at nurturing everyone else, but are not so good at finding, or maintaining any sort of balance in life. One of the biggest issues is managing priorities. Is it work, family, soccer practice, or caring for troubled teens and aging parents? Lori gets you laughing, and shows you how to get more satisfaction from your life.

Being at Cause in Your Career
Presenter: Chris Castillo

The theory of being At Cause is all about taking ownership of what you can control in your life. Your career doesn’t happen to you, but instead it happens as a result of the decisions you make. In this empowering session, I describe how attendees can remain at cause in their career, instead of “at effect”.

Executive Coaching: Support. Suggestions. Strategies. Simplification. Success.
Presenter: Dee Dukehart

These FIVE S’s help define how leadership coaching will assist you when you decide to invest in your professional future.

As your coach, Dee works alongside you and gives you insight and feedback:

  • Understanding the results you want to achieve
  • Planning and organizing your thoughts and results
  • Delving into the message’s interpretation
  • Creating “story” for a memorable and relatable message
  • Clarifying your points for your audience
  • Fine tuning the concrete images of your points

As your support person, Dee guides you through some of the challenges of getting your message across to a varied audience.

The suggestions that she makes are just that, suggestions, from her point of view. As your coach, she assists you in formulating facts into word pictures.

As your presentation and business-strategy coach, Dee brings you fresh strategies that will fine-tune specific outcomes and alleviate several mental roadblocks; therefore, achieve your long-term business goals.

Dee works with you to simplify your presentation organization in order for you to express the results you need and want through your message. Define the “why.”

Your success is her success. She builds your confidence to grow and prosper throughout both your internal and external communities. Presentation skills and business coaching cultivate a more relaxed and rewarding professional world for you, and a more image-related world for all and any audiences.
Dee helps you save time, alleviate any fears, and gain confidence. Your goals are her goals: improve your bottom line and your messages. She wants you to achieve your vision of success.

Exposing Yourself (legally & appropriately of course) to Enhance Your Career
Presenter: Karen Green

Is it important for your career and your success to influence others? …to establish and maintain credibility? Approaches to achieving these outcomes have changed dramatically due to significant shifts in communications, multiple generations at work, and the pace of change we are faced with in today’s world.

This session will use principles of neuroscience to

  • Help you better understand why and how we think and behave the way we do at work
  • Why others think and behave the way they do at work
  • How you can make your thinking more visible
  • How you can better understand multiple perspectives
  • How you can effectively test your conclusions and assumptions
  • How you can expose the thinking of others to align, engage and move forward together

The session enables participants to better understand some of the instinctual reactions of the brain and provides tools and techniques to visit it more often so that you are engaging and aligning yourself and others more effectively.

Additional breakout/workshops include:

  • Over worked, Overwhelmed, Over it – regaining your resilience
  • Developing your EQ
  • A Valid Crystal Ball – hiring the best

Getting Things Done
Presenter: Beth Wolfson

Discover how to take back your busy life by managing the stress you feel not from having too much to do but from not finishing what you started.  While our minds quickly forget the tasks we have completed, we are continually reminded of the unfinished tasks.

GPS to Success: 3 Powerful Strategies to Bring Your Future into Focus
Presenter: Lori Hanson

What do you want of in life, more time, more money, more confidence, a better relationship? In this interactive and inspirational program Lori shares the fundamentals to create serious success. She shares incredible real stories (including her own) that demonstrate the power of applying Jack Canfield’s Success Principles along with her unique strategies to turn your dreams into realities. Attendees will leave with clearly defined steps to get unstuck, think BIG and take immediate action to live a MAGNIFICENT life.

Growing Your Growth Mindset
Presenter: Chris Castillo

Based on the work of Dr. Carol Dweck, this session is focused on the Growth Mindset and how every attendee can harness its power. Attendees will learn the basics of the growth and fixed mindset, assess where they’re at, and learn the skills necessary to shift. They will leave feeling empowered and open to trying new things.

I Can Versus I Will – Commitment Exercise
Presenter: Greg Aden

Feeling overwhelmed, spread too thin? As we step out into our world each day we have an opportunity to honor our commitments, to be accountable for our actions. We also face many challenges as leaders and business owners that keep us from honoring the commitments we make. Each day we get to choose.

Greg will assist you to be very clear with your commitment both personally and in your business so you can succeed on your journey as an empowered leader.

You will explore the following:

  • Where have you been going through the motions?
  • Are you really committed to each and every item on the list?
  • If you are not committed to an item, how to clean it up or eliminate it altogether
  • How to implement necessary required actions for each
  • Timeline for completion of each commitment

Living & Thriving @ The Pace of Change
Presenter: Karen Green

The human brain was not set up to work effectively at the pace we are expected to move today. This causes interesting and sometimes harmful behaviors at work.

Living & Thriving explores:

  • Why parts of the brain are not well suited for today’s hyper-fast world
  • How and why we get caught in inefficient and nonproductive busyness
  • Typical reactions to change and how to navigate through them effectively
  • How we can maintain/rebuild resilience during significant change
  • How to remain focused and energized on achieving desired results

The session uses a self-assessment, development worksheets, and enables participants to better understand how to truly thrive in an environment of constant distraction with many of us operating at a pace that does not align to how and when we are most effective.

Innovating Every Day: Thinking Differently
Presenter: Karen Green

The biggest threat to your business may not be new technologies, changing markets or unseen competitors. It’s what you think you know and what made you successful to date. In today’s chaotic markets, unlearning has become just as important as learning. Holly will show you how to uncover the “thought bubbles” floating around in your head that keep you stuck in the past. Then she’ll teach you how to get unstuck, replace the old with the new, and stay focused to get the results you want. It’s not easy. It is possible.

An interactive, upbeat approach to incorporating thinking differently into almost everything you do. The session focuses on:

  • Exploring why & how our success gets us stuck and exposing participants’ current decision making and thinking processes
  • Changing our thinking to get clear on what is possible
  • Unlearning tried and true innovation eradicators
  • Practicing innovation techniques including:
    • balancing the big picture and the details
    • focusing on a target
    • challenging assumptions
    • changing perspectives
    • questioning the right answer

The session enables participants to see the world in a multitude of ways so that innovation becomes an every day activity – not just something you do when you are brainstorming with a team. Numerous tips and tools will be provided for triggering new thoughts and approaches. Participants walk away with techniques that can be put into practice immediately to achieve desired business results.

Money Secrets
Presenter: Kim Curtis

Money makes us anxious. It doesn’t matter how old we are or how much money we make. Money questions plague all of us at one time or another. Do I have enough? Will I have enough? What is enough?

We live in a world where financial safety nets are being replaced by self-sufficiency. Learn the controversial and groundbreaking insight from Kim Curtis’ bestselling and award-winning book Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing. Curtis uncovers the financial propaganda that woos smart people into bad financial decisions. You’ll learn the secrets, lies and myths of a multi-billion dollar industry. Explore what the financial industry doesn’t want you to understand about investing from an insider who believes you deserve the truth!

Motivation Matters: Tapping Into What’s Important To Drive Results
Presenter: Sarah Krivel

Does motivation really have an effect on you or your team’s productivity? It absolutely does. For years, business leaders have relied on either the carrot (a raise) or the stick (public ridicule) to motivate. And it’s simply not working. Learn how to tap into motivation to inspire the productive performance you desire out of yourself, your team members and your colleagues.

Oh the Things You Can Thunk!
Presenter: Karen Green

A Dr. Seuss inspired look at creativity and the wondrous workings of our brains.

Whether a child or adult, our ability to imagine is one of the most remarkable aspects of the human brain. We are also illogical, irrational creatures whose brains serve us well and not so well in a thousand ways, especially in the business world. Unfettered thinking is a critical skill for today’s business leaders. And, even though we have the ability to think just about anything imaginable, our brains need prompts to help us use this skill well.

  • What imaginings will help us thrive as individuals and as an organization?
  • When should we use the power of our brains to generate more ideas versus execute on what we already have?
  • How can we engage the brains of others to create new neural connections that contribute to success? 

As the good Dr. said, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” To that I would add, “You’ll steer a lot better and get where you want if you ponder all the things you can thunk!”

Overworked, Overwhelmed, Over It – Regaining Your Resilience
Presenter: Karen Green

We’re all stressed these days.  The world moves increasingly faster, more data than ever is in front of us, and we’re not set up as creatures to manage it well.  This session focuses on how to minimize and leverage the stress of everyday work so that we are more effective and more relaxed.  Stress can help us in many ways, if we know what is causing it, how much is too much, and what do about it.  We’ll explore and uncover how we can develop our emotional intelligence to increase our resilience and tolerance. You’ll learn and practice prompting your brains to focus on what you want and constantly move closer to the results you desire.

Put a Fork In It: Employee Engagement is Dead. It’s Time to Focus on Employee Passion
Presenter: Tara Powers

What is the difference between an engaged employee and a passionate one?

Engaged employees are switched on: conscientious about their work, do everything that is expected of them and comply with policies and procedures to the letter. Then there are passionate employees. These people don’t just stick to the rulebook – they do whatever it takes to delight customers. These emotionally committed employees are passionate about their work, and the organization they work for. Employee engagement is just the starting point. Passionate employees take your organization to the next level.

Key Learning Takeaways:

  • Discover how well your organization is doing at creating a passionate team
  • Learn about The Passion Index and the five employee needs that ignite passion. Assess how well the organization satisfies these needs.
  • Identify the eight Values that Build Trust and how important they are to employees personally

Taking Back the Balance
Presenter: Chris Castillo

So many people struggle to balance their personal needs with the needs of their work life. Work-life balance is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days, but is the term a bit of a myth? In this session, I’ll help attendees to take a step back and identify where they’re spending their time, as well as whether that’s aligned with their larger priorities.

The Balancing Act
Presenter: Bob Heavers

You may often find yourself rushing between commitments, struggling to stay afloat and keep it all together. Are you managing multiple calendars and to-do lists? In today’s world, work tends to blend with life, and you may sometimes struggle deciding where to spend your time as well as how much time to commit. Learn the three critical areas of personal productivity so you can get more of the right stuff done and regain balance.

The Juggling Act: Putting It All Together
Presenter: Audrey Nelson

In today’s world of work, you have to confront a vast array of new pressures and challenges. But even while stressful and demanding, this is a time of expanding horizons and limitless opportunities. Realizing the promise of the new world, however, calls for a new approach, new habits, new plans, and new attitudes. After all of that we have our home and family life to attend to! How is that possible? A “Juggling Act” has become a necessity. We must learn to “Put It All Together” and create a pleasant, nurturing, and growth-oriented lifestyle.

Time Mastery: Productivity Simplified For Your Work & Your Life
Presenter: Sarah Krivel

Discover who you are and what you value most. Surface tension for change and set priorities for living more successfully. Turn intentions into action with SMART goals.

Understand Your True Balance and Raise Your Bar
Presenter: Greg Aden

This program is designed to examine your roles (from the heart) and develop the skill set to up-level your relationships both personally and professionally. We all play several roles in our lives. Greg will guide you through the process of taking an honest look at each key role to then determine the focus, attention, energy and time we are actually providing to each. The final step is to assign heartfelt goals to each role with intentional actions.

Working together as individuals while focused on self, team and organization we will uncover tools for true personal transformation such as insight, structure and accountability. Imagine your life with the plan that you create, coming directly from you reflecting your values, your roles, your insight, your top goals – while giving you that extra edge of focus and guidance.

You will receive the guidance you need to:

  • Stay true to your process, your goals and your targeted results
  • Create personal breakthroughs
  • Master smarter goal setting
  • Claim the life of purpose you want to live everyday

Together we will move beyond work/life balance and form a culture of collaboration, alignment and engagement that will bring you and your team the results you want.

Visioning Better Goals
Presenter: Chris Castillo

In this session we’ll focus on using visioning and larger career planning as a vehicle to set better goals. New Year’s Resolutions fail so often because they’re not tied into the bigger picture. Instead of setting arbitrary goals, we’ll focus on high-level visioning, and then use the SMART goal process to make them a reality.

Who Am I & Who the Heck are You?
Presenter: Karen Green

Participants will engage in an upbeat and interactive look at decision making, data gathering, communication, organization and living style utilizing the Myers-Briggs Temperament Sorter. They will learn how to more effectively communicate, align, focus, and collaborate to achieve desired business results.

Participants build self-awareness of their preferences as well as an appreciation for why some people drive them crazy and what to do about it. Participants also learn how adults make decisions and get to actions as well as how to make better decisions.

Who Am I can be effectively combined with core elements of the Using Your Brain program creating a 3 to 4 hour hands on learning session.